Can I try Mylage for free?

Mylage is free to download and track first 100 trips. After that, you can purchase a monthly or annual subscription or opt for packages of tracking 100, 300 or 500 trips.

How much does Mylage cost?

You can track up to 100 trips for free, after that you’ll need to purchase a package of trips or choose between monthly and annual subscriptions for unlimited tracking. 100 trips cost $0.99, 200 trips – $1.99 and 500 trips cost $2.99. The cost of a monthly subscription to Mylage is $5.99, annual access costs $49.99.

How can I cancel subscription?

Subscriptions to Mylage are auto-renewable, unlike purchases of trip packages. You can view, manage and cancel subscriptions in your iTunes account.

App problems

I made a purchase but cannot use the app

First, please check how many trips you have left in the app. If you’ve run out of trips, you’ll need to purchase a new package or a subscription. If you have an active subscription but the app doesn’t work, log in to the App Store with your Apple ID, then open Mylage and tap Restore Purchase in the app. If that doesn’t help, email us.

The app doesn’t track my trips

If Mylage doesn’t track your drives, you may need to check the following:

  • Make sure that you have an active subscription or sufficient amount of trips in the package left
  • Check if Mylage can access your location: open Settings on your iPhone - Privacy - Location Services - set “Always allow.”

If that doesn’t help, email us.

Can I add trips manually?

Open the Trips tab in the bottom menu and tap the “Add new trip” button. You’ll need to add all the necessary details about the trip, including its purpose, start and end points and time.

I don’t see my occupation on the list

If you cannot find your business on the list of occupations, choose Other and add expenses common for your profession. You can also email us, and we’ll add missing categories to the app.

I don’t see some of my deductible expenses on the list

You can customize the list of expenses and add your own categories specific for your business. Open Settings in the app - Expenses categories - choose to Create your custom category. Now this expense category can be used in the app.

App features

How can I add more than one vehicle?

If you use a few vehicles, you can easily add all of them to Mylage. Open Settings - Vehicles and add all necessary info about all cars, such as its name, mpg and gas price.

What do “working hours” stand for?

If you drive at a certain time every day, you can set your work hours in the app, and Mylage will automatically classify miles driven during this time as business.

How do I classify trips?

In Mylage, there’s no need to “swipe” every mile to classify them. In fact, there’s nothing you need to do after the trip is over. When you start working, you just need to tap on the status control to indicate that you’re driving for business. That’s it, all miles will be logged as business mileage.

How can I add my gas payments?

Though gas price is included in Standard Mileage rate, a lot of drivers prefer to keep track of their gas costs. Adding gas payments every time can become tiresome, so we’ve automated this process. During the initial setup, you enter your car’s average mpg and gas cost. Then Mylage uses this info to automatically calculate how much you spend on gas based on your mileage.

How can I download a mileage report?

You can download mileage and expenses reports from the app or using your web dashboard on our site. To download reports from the app tap on the Calendar icon in the upper right corner of the screen, select a period of report, a format (.pdf, .xls or .zip) and download it to device or choose to send via email.

Can I edit my trips?

You can reclassify or edit trip details in the app. Open the Tracker tab, find the necessary trip, swipe left to change its purpose or edit any other details.